Photography. Unfiltered.

A photography show like no other. 

Nelson Mouëllic Studio presents Roll Call – a quarterly photography show that celebrates honest photography, and gives an unfiltered look at the photographic processes from some of Vancouver's finest photographers.

Roll Call is a fast paced, one-day event that pushes the boundaries of traditional analogue photography. By condensing what is traditionally a slow process into a single day format, photographers will be required to work quickly, creating imagery driven by impulse, while maintaining a sense of mindfulness to their work.

Vancouver Photographer Challenge

Volume 04: April 6th, 2019

On the morning of the show, ten photographers will each be given a roll of slide film and will have 8-hours to capture all 36 frames. Then, the rolls will be collected, processed, mounted, loaded into slide carousels, and projected that evening in their entirety without edits. Presenting every image captured, unedited, gives insight to how each photographer creates their images and how they approach their work.

Here's how it all goes down:

7:00 am Photographers pick-up their roll of film.
3:00 pm Film is sent for processing & mounting.
5:00 pm Slides are collected and loaded into projectors.
7:00 pm Showtime, baby!

Volume 03 Photographers 

Berkley Vopnfjörð

Berkley Vopnfjörð is a photographer, creative director and stylist from Victoria, BC. She shoots lifestyle, fashion and weddings far or near. She is drawn to the moments in between, the beauty of everyday life and visual storytelling... real or imagined.

Guoman Liao

Guoman Liao is a photographer who works and experiments with combining portrait, fashion, documentary and conceptual photography. Through his daily observation, his work focuses on exploring social phenomena of our time. He is currently working on the topics of genders and identities.
Drawing by Debbie Sun (@theplanetsun)

Jennifer Latour

Jennifer Latour lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Having over 15 years experience working in the film industry across Europe, Africa and North America, she demonstrates through her photography an ardent combination of her eye for cinematic composition, textural richness and conscious emphasis of color and light. She is currently working alongside the online publication 01Magazine and is co-founder of 01Production Agency

John Lehman

John Lehmann is one of the top photojournalists in North America. He was, most recently, named Canadian photojournalist of the year in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and 2015.

Lehmann brings an array of talents to his work: the insatiable curiosity that marks all the best journalists; an artistry that sets his images apart from the billions of other pictures; a quiet intimacy and flair for inventiveness, which is what brings his work to life. Most of all, he is not simply a photographer, he is a visual journalist. And the principal that underpins everything is accuracy and honesty, both to the people he reports on and the readers to whom he reports.

Since 2001, Lehmann has been based in Vancouver and his bailiwick is Western Canada, vast ground he has covered from the Arctic to the remote reaches of British Columbia. His focus is vast. He covers breaking news and sports, and develops many short-term and longer-term feature visual projects. He has covered five Olympics, summer and winter, and international news such as the Boxing Day tsunami in Southeast Asia. Major projects include month-long assignments in both China and Russia.

José Luis Reyes

Jose is a photographer and artist from Vancouver. He shoots street photography, portraits, landscape, fashion, and architecture. He observes human behaviour and attempts to capture moments of joys and vulnerability.

Mackenzie Walker

Mackenzie Walker currently calls Vancouver home.
Growing up he learned to understand the world though a lens.
This has become a habit that he just can’t shake.

Reema Ismail

Born in Vancouver and raised twenty minutes south, Reema Ismail uses photography to understand people better than she would know how to otherwise. Reema is in school for something entirely unrelated to photography and makes her money doing something also unrelated to photography, which is funny, because her photographs are what she uses to help people understand herself better than she’d know how to explain otherwise. She has also never spent more than a week further than half an hour away from an ocean.

Robinson Bancroft

Robinson is a photographer living in Vancouver, interested in taking everyday pictures of people, nature, light, and lines. Robinson’s photos tend towards soft light and balanced compositions, while also seeking to incorporate mistakes and imbalances.

Taylor Roades

Taylor Roades is a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. She subtly brings context and humanity to her visual stories of conservation, with the curious eye of a traveler. Taylor applies a journalistic approach to her editorial and commercial work. Photography has taken her across South East Asia, through Patagonia, to South Africa. She’s walked across Scotland, and flew above the North West Territories. Closer to home, Taylor was recently part of the Canada C3 Expedition photographing along BC’s central coast on a retired icebreaker ship.

Maybe you?

In the effort of keeping Roll Call an open event that's accessible to everyone, we present the Tenth Roll. Yep, we want you to be our tenth shooter! At 6:30am on Friday we’ll announce the location of the 10th roll to our Instagram. Whoever is first to collect it, gets to shoot it, and have their work projected that evening!

P.s. Lace up your runners, this one won't be as easy to find as it was for Volume 02!


Our venue for Volume 04 of Roll Call is the iconic Roundhouse Community Arts Centre. Long admired for its straight-forward industrial beauty, the Roundhouse is a building of major historical significance to the City of Vancouver both from an architectural and social perspective. Originally the Roundhouse was comprised of a cluster of buildings whose function was to house and service the great steam locomotives of the day. The people who worked in these buildings were involved with the railway link that played a central part in the growth of Vancouver.
Roundhouse Community Arts Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews,  Vancouver