Photography. Unfiltered.

A photography show like no other. 

Nelson Mouëllic Studio presents Roll Call – a quarterly photography show that celebrates honest photography, and gives an unfiltered look at the photographic processes from some of Vancouver's finest photographers.

Roll Call is a fast paced, one-day event that pushes the boundaries of traditional analogue photography. By condensing what is traditionally a slow process into a single day format, photographers will be required to work quickly, creating imagery driven by impulse, while maintaining a sense of mindfulness to their work.

Admission is FREE and drinks will be available for purchase. 
Vancouver Photography Show 35mm Film

Volume 02: March 9th, 2018

On the morning of the show, ten photographers will each be given a roll of slide film and will have 8-hours to capture all 36 frames. Then, the rolls will be collected, processed, mounted, loaded into slide carousels, and projected that evening in their entirety without edits.

Here's how it all goes down:

7:00 am Photographers pick-up their roll of film.
3:00 pm Film is sent for processing & mounting.
5:00 pm Slides are collected and loaded into projectors.
7:00 pm Showtime, baby!

Volume 02 Photographers

Vancouver Photo Festival

Ben Nelms

Ben Nelms is an award-winning photojournalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ben works for such clients as National Post, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, Macleans, Sports Illustrated and Canadian Geographic. 

In 2016, Ben was honoured to receive the title of Official Royal Photographer to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, for their 9 day Royal Tour of B.C. and the Yukon. Ben is deeply passionate about the power of visual storytelling through photographs. When not photographing daily editorial assignments, Ben’s intense curiosity leads him to continually seek out and photograph new personal stories.

Chris Dammeyer

Chris Dammeyer believes in the beauty in the ordinary. With a focus on colour and lighting as subjects themselves, Dammeyer’s work is abstract and experimental in nature. Often using everyday objects and mixing them with traditional artists’ mediums, Chris has developed a body of work that seeks to place the ‘usual’ into a new context.
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Jackie Dives

Jackie Dives explores themes of identity and womanhood through the medium of digital and analog photography. Self-taught, Dives began taking photographs as a way to deal with her experience living with anxiety and depression. While working as a doula she began photographing women giving birth and this led to her interest in documenting social justice issues through the lens of the female gaze.

Inspired by photographers Nan Goldin, Francesca Woodman, and Mary Ellen Mark, Dives' photographs are diaristic, vulnerable, and sometimes confrontational. Her work has been published internationally, including in Canadian Geographic, The Tyee, VICE, The Globe and Mail, and Maclean's.

Matt Wong

Matt Wong first began photographing in 2010 using only a cellphone. He's currently completing a BFA in Photography at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

"My main focus is social documentary projects however, I also produce conceptual art & editorial work. My photographic practice is informed by a critical approach to the way that we create and consume images and media. My goal is to strike a balance between affect and intellectual response on various social issues. I am interested in new forms of documentary practice while bearing in mind materiality, modes of production and performance.

One thing that has remained the same over the years is my caring heart and a desire to change the world. I believe in the pursuit of excellence. "
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Pat wanted to make sure that Brian Van Wyk got credit for this photo. ♡      

Pat Valade

"For me photography has become a filter. It’s a way of understanding the world around me. From places, to objects to people, it helps me comprehend them at my own pace. It’s an amazing tool to bring seemingly unimportant things to the front of your mind. I don’t take photographs to cause major realizations, but just a change of pace to the way people think about what is going on around them, or something like that."

Rachel Pick

Rachel Pick is inspired by the complexity of humans and curious about the stories beneath the surface of an image. Her portrait and editorial photography takes her into the fields of new media, technology, education, art and design, music, and social justice — always listening, observing light and seeking to make images that invite the viewer to pause and see a side to a story. Rachel’s images have been published by a range of publications including Rolling Stone, Montecristo Magazine, and The Georgia Straight.

So far, Rachel has visited seven of Canada’s 10 provinces and territories, and travelled in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. Currently she lives in Vancouver, BC, in part of a 100 year old house with her husband and 2 year-old son.

Trenton Eleque James

Trenton Eleque James is a passionate street photographer who has quickly mastered the art of hiding in plain sight with his camera in tow. Born and raised in CT, Trenton was a relatively shy child. His shyness progressed, and ultimately led to a diagnosis of social anxiety and alternative schools as a teen. A concerned teacher once wrote of Trenton, “He clearly avoids social situations with those with whom he is unfamiliar. He is overly concerned about other people staring at him.”

Ironically, he now spends much of his day staring at others who often go unseen, and purposely places himself in situations where he is not only seen by strangers, but must also engage. Street photography has allowed Trenton to engage with random strangers in ways that often highlight humanity in an exceptionally rare way. His passion for street photography also pushes Trenton to face his anxiety head on each and every day.

Reece Voyer

Reece Voyer is a Vancouver based photographer who splits his time between shooting fashion and street photography. To Reece, both forms of photography come from the same artistic desire - to explore, expand and capture instances of what he finds to be beautiful.

With street photography in particular, Reece enjoys that his understanding of beauty is constantly challenged. You never know when something new and striking will appear right in front of you, you just have to be there and ready to capture it.

Noah Asanias

Noah Asanias grew up in the Philippines but currently calls Vancouver home. Addicted to the lens and always looking for beauty, Noah is passionate about hearing people's stories and connecting with his subjects through photography.

"I find photography a tool to be able to connect to subjects I might never meet, people from different walks of life. To be able to capture their stories and be entrusted to tell them with my camera is priceless.”

Jessy Penelon

"For this volume of Roll Call, I thought it'd be fun to have one 'wildcard' photographer shoot a roll. A few days before the show, I announced on our Facebook & Instagram that I'd be hiding a roll on the morning of the show, and whoever got to it first would join our roster of photographers that evening.

On the morning of the show, at 6:30am, I revealed the location on Instagram, and hardly a minute had passed before Jessy came sprinting from around the corner and snatched the roll. Dumbfounded, I introduced myself, and listened as he explained, panting, that he'd only arrived to Vancouver a week ago, and was camped at the Starbucks two blocks away  to use their Wi-Fi to catch the announcement. 

I can't wait to see Jessy's images this evening. To the three other photographers that raced down to find Jessy holding the roll: please apply here and I'll try my best to squeeze you into future Volumes!" – Nelson


Our venue for Volume 02 of Roll Call is the iconic Woodward's Atrium in the heart of Vancouver's Gastown. Covering almost an entire city block, this site, once a major department store, serves as the city’s historic and social heart. The atrium is used as a hub for a variety of public events, and is home to a sweeping public art installation by photographer Stan Douglas: Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971.