Photography. Unfiltered.

A photography show like no other.

Nelson Mouëllic Studio presents Roll Call – a quarterly photography show that celebrates honest photography, and gives an unfiltered look at the photographic processes from some of Vancouver's finest photographers.

On the morning of the show, eight photographers will be given a roll of slide film and will have 8-hours to capture all 36 frames. Then, the rolls will be collected, processed, mounted, loaded into slide carousels, and projected that evening in their entirety without edits. 
Admission is Free & drinks will be available for purchase.

Vancouver Photographer Nelson Mouëllic

Event Format

Roll Call is a fast paced, one-day event that pushes the boundaries of traditional analogue photography. By constraining what is traditionally a slow process into a single day format, photographers will be required to work quickly, creating imagery driven by impulse, while maintaining a sense of mindfulness to their work. 

Here's how it all goes down.

07:00 am Photographers receive their roll of film.
03:00 pm Film goes out for processing
05:00 pm Film is ready and loaded into slide projectors
07:00 pm Show begins!

Past Events

Volume 01

Here's a short recap of how our inaugural Volume unfolded. You can see the final images on our Instagram here.

Past Photographers

Roll Call aims to showcase the diverse range of photographic talent that calls Vancouver home. Presenting every image captured, unedited, gives insight to how each photographer creates their images and how they approach their work. 

If you'd like to be considered for future volumes of Roll Call click here.

Brian Van Wyk

The people who know me best are quick to sum me up as spirited and friendly. I’ve always tried to guide myself towards the things that make me smile. It’s lead me to learn that I am a happier person when I do things that I care about. This is why I’ve involved myself so much with photography. It brings me closer to people and also gives me the opportunity to work with them on something that they care about.

If you’ve connected with my work before knowing anything about me we’re off to good start. The work that I create is in part a reflection of who I am. Often focused on capturing the moments in-between that speak so loudly of someone’s character, I am always trying to create natural images of genuine moments.


Photography's ability to capture someone's personality and story is the aspect I love most about it. I’m a happy camper if I can capture even a tiny bit of who someone is in a photo. That is, ultimately, my goal. It's why I love to shoot people at their favourite place or location, or somewhere that simply brings them happiness, comfort and peace. Somewhere they can be themselves.

Grady Mitchell

Grady here. I fell in love with photography and writing because they give me an excuse to meet and learn about people I otherwise wouldn't. I've shot photos for Timberland, BC Hydro, Herschel Supply Co., Vice, Subbacultcha, The Globe and Mail, Sharp Magazine, Canadian Business, PDN, and more. I've written for Vice, Sharp Magazine and Sharp: The Book for Men, Subaru Canada's Six Star Magazine, Herschel Supply Co., and many more clients, both commercial and editorial. Right now I'm sitting inside struggling over this bio instead of enjoying a beautiful day in Vancouver, Canada, where I live.

Jordan Roberts

I love the process of taking pictures; The endless curiosity and wandering to find interesting scenes. To make sense of my surroundings. To me, it feels like witnessing a performance, and my pictures are a document of that performance.

Kane Hopkins

Inspired by people’s individuality I have been thoughtfully creating portraits that are simple yet contemplative. I’m grateful for finding photography and for all the wonderful experiences, people and places it’s taken me to. My work has appeared on art blogs such as Booooooom and has been exhibited in group shows across Canada and featured in Magazines such as Flannelle, Elements and color to name a few. I have had the pleasure of working with an variety of commercial clients from Wilhelmina, LizBell, Family Management, Nobasara Rad kids, Oak+Fort, Noul, Sympli, The Crew marketing and more.

Laura Baldwinson

Dynamic images and exceptional composition are the hallmarks of Vancouver based fashion and portrait photographer Laura Rose Baldwinson. Her fashion work is easily recognized in its grandeur while her portraiture expresses a connection to the subject, instantly drawing you in.

For Laura Baldwinson every image is a collaboration and one of her greatest strengths as a photographer lies in her capacity to find the perfect people to complete her vision. Her standout show, ‘Paint on Canvas’, wholly displays this ability, from the conception of an idea to the final execution. Imperfections become perfection and nothing is by accident.

Lauren D. Zbarsky

With her lens as an extension of herself, Lauren captures people, places and things in an intimate and honest way, where the camera falls away and conversation remains. Lauren builds close relationships with the people she creates with by working collaboratively with clients and subjects alike. Her work has appeared internationally in fashion, arts and culture publications, campaigns and galleries. Above all else, Lauren is driven by new experiences and cannot wait to tell the stories that lay ahead.

Nelson Mouëllic

My passion for capturing the world around me started on my third birthday, when I was given my first camera. From that point forward, I was rarely seen without a camera around my neck. The wonders of childhood weren't lost on me, and I was determined to capture every moment life had to offer.

My pursuit to capture life's moments is still something that I'm tirelessly passionate about. Great photography has the ability to conjure emotions, and let one's imagination run wild. It's that sense of wonder that I strive to incite, with both my commercial and personal work, through images that feel honest and uncontrived.