Photography. Unfiltered.

A photography show like no other. 

With everything that's currently taking place, I've decided that it would be best to postpone future volumes of Roll Call until 2021. Until then, I'll be playing with a smaller scale film-based project  here – feel free to reach out if you'd like to take part.

I look forward to seeing you all  very soon. 

Stay safe,
– Nelson Mouëllic
Nelson Mouëllic Studio presents Roll Call – a quarterly photography show that celebrates honest photography, and gives an unfiltered look at the photographic processes from some of Vancouver's finest photographers.

Roll Call is a fast paced, one-day event that pushes the boundaries of traditional analogue photography. By condensing what is traditionally a slow process into a single day format, photographers will be required to work quickly, creating imagery driven by impulse, while maintaining a sense of mindfulness to their work.

Vancouver Photographer Challenge

Volume 05: Sometime in 2021!?

 On the morning of the show, ten photographers will each be given a roll of slide film and will have 8-hours to capture all 36 frames. Then, the rolls will be collected, processed, mounted, loaded into slide carousels, and projected that evening in their entirety without edits. Presenting every image captured, unedited, gives insight to how each photographer creates their images and how they approach their work.

Here's how it all goes down:

7:00 am Photographers pick-up their roll of film.
3:00 pm Film is sent for processing & mounting.
5:00 pm Slides are collected and loaded into projectors.
7:00 pm Showtime, baby!

Volume 04 Photographers 

Alexa Mazzarello

Alexa Mazzarello is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work is both fresh and honest. Alexa’s careful attention to detail and minimal aesthetic emanate feeling and sincerity in her subjects. She is passionate about body positivity and brings this perspective into all of her work.

Andrea Fernandez

Andrea was born in Buenos Aires, south of the world with long hot summers and the most vast landscapes. She developed a thirst for travel at a very young age; pretty sure taking her very first step aboard an aeroplane had something to do with that. She fell in love with photography while in the darkroom at the University of Brighton in the south of England.  She now lives in Vancouver, splitting her time between her personal photographic practice and editorial commissions. She is increasingly interested in the relationship between memories and spaces.
Andrea Fernandez
Charlie Hannah

Charlie Hannah

Charlie has an affinity for multiple exposures, ethereal harshness and gay shit. They are trans non-binary and work in the film industry as an art director / production designer and in the DTES as a repair man.

Dane Murner

Dane Murner was born and raised in Sanford, MB and currently resides in Vancouver, BC as a carpenter. After work Dane spends his time walking with his camera, waiting to be drawn in by scenes that are not only interesting but that also produce a feeling within the artist. Attracted to objects, as well as gestures, colours, intriguing light and scenes that give an illusion after being photographed, Dane Murner creates gentle, but compelling scenes with multiple elements and layers, making his work consistent through multiple genres. 

Dane Murner Photography
Helen Anna

Helen Anna

Helen Anna is a London-born art director based in Vancouver. Primarily working with brands in the fashion and luxury sectors, Helen’s primary focus is on the importance and beauty of colour. 

Jesse-Lee Houle

Jesse-Lee aliasing under “Leeaiko” is born and raised in Vancouver, everyday spent living and breathing it. Coming from a multimedia arts background, her time and passion is poured into recreating the beauty of the city through her own lens. Focusing on street photography, she tries to bring a new light to old landmarks of the place we call home. With the ever changing growth of the city, a firm belief lies, that it needs be recorded for the history it holds. From architecture, to collectors vehicles, graffiti to vintage sign work, these are amongst some of her heavily inspired subjects. She recently debuted the release of her Vancouver focused zine; ‘Dry Daze’, containing 36 pages of the city lit up at night through the view of her camera. In a world of online galleries and social media driven content, a true maniacal drive exists within to keep creating and producing raw and physical format work through 35mm film to be felt, held, absorbed, and appreciated. 

Marley Hutchinson

Marley is a portrait and documentary photographer whose work also features elements of fashion, abstract and still life. Inspired heavily by the aesthetic of the past, his work is a reflection of how he sees the world, ethereal, nostalgic and full of potential.

Scott Rossi

 Scott Rossi was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He shoots both documentary and street photography, mostly in colour. Rather than shooting the strange or surreal, Scott is drawn by scenes that evoke the familiar or even ordinary. He is interested in subjects that can echo his own experiences in the world.

Nurzhan K.

Nurzhan is a photographic artist who approaches snapshots as a tool of long-term introspection. He wonders searching for the peculiar, picturesque and intimate moments. Unmanipulated images reveal more than a proof of presence at the depicted scene, they attempt to hint of previous cultural and personal influences. Throughout the practice, imagery's online distribution shifted from innately diaristic purposes into a continuous experiment in curation as mean of refining artist's interests and inspirations for other works.

Harry Allen

In the effort of keeping Roll Call an open event that's accessible to everyone, we present the Tenth Roll.  At 6:30am on the morning of the show we announced the location of the 10th roll to our Instagram. Harry Allen was the first one there to claim it and clinch a spot on our roster of photographers for Volume 04!
“I only do it for fun... I don’t have an artist statement or anything.”
- Harry Allen

– John Doe


Our venue for Volume 04 of Roll Call is the iconic Roundhouse Community Arts Centre. Long admired for its straight-forward industrial beauty, the Roundhouse is a building of major historical significance to the City of Vancouver both from an architectural and social perspective. Originally the Roundhouse was comprised of a cluster of buildings whose function was to house and service the great steam locomotives of the day. The people who worked in these buildings were involved with the railway link that played a central part in the growth of Vancouver.
Roundhouse Community Arts Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews,  Vancouver